GuestGhosts.com may be a new name to you, but we have been providing evaluations and ratings for the Hospitality & Travel Industries for a long time.

Our Philosophy is short and sweet. At GuestGhosts, we are all involved in the operation of our company. In order to be effective, our team works quietly. We don’t just make promises, we do our job. We understand the power of the information we gather which is why we go through the process of reviewing and approving all reports before they go to the people, or person, in your organization who will act on it. Our goal is to bridge the gap between problems and solutions, between unhappy personnel and personnel who enjoy their job and project that to your guests, and ultimately between lost revenue and profit. 

GuestGhosts is a division of P. Jason King Associates, Inc., a well-known Executive Search and Consulting Services Organization, that began its operation in 1975. Our services are known from Coast to Coast, as well as around the world.

Having over 30 years of experience providing Evaluations & Ratings for Travel Companies, Hotels, and other Leisure related businesses. We have legitimized this division with a unique name that represents the proper branding and identification that allow our customers to know exactly what we do and how committed we are to Excellence as our expansion continues.

We have developed four unique Hospitality Service Plans, from Bronze to Platinum, all at different price points. Also available are Custom Programs including the Restaurant Business.  PLANS to fit everyone’s budget and requirements. This web site has been created for your ease to understand what we do, how we do it, and the tremendous value it represents.

Our economy is in a slump, more and more travelers demand much higher “Service Levels” than ever before. Good pricing is extremely important along with amenities, but also an organization must have what we call the “Standards” – Friendly, Competent Service, Cleanliness, and much more…

You’ve seen them on TV, there are a number of “Consultants” who have been in the Hotel, Restaurant, or Travel Industry for many years. They now do a Mystery Shopper concept in a Hotel, Restaurant, or Travel Company. They have hidden cameras and send in their employees to trap your employees while they film it all for television. The hosts “scream & curse” at the property owners, because they believe it makes for interesting TV Ratings. They are motivated based on what their Advertisers are willing to pay.

We are offering something quite a bit more realistic, with over 3 decades of experience in Evaluations and  Ratings, Recruitment, Training, Compensation Plans, Job Descriptions, Employee Handbooks, Systems & Procedures, and much more… We have the “Right” experience and knowledge in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Administration, Finance, and especially Customer Service/Relations.

We know the Travel Industry, the Hospitality Industry, and the Restaurant Industry. AND we’re here to assist our clients, not embarrass anyone on TV!

We have created specific Checklists that each one of our Ghosts will report on. Additionally they will provide a Final Rating, and depending on the Plan you choose, recommendations will be made.

In the not too distant future we will be launching our own version of the well-known Zagats Review. It will contain only those organizations that meet the Top of the Line Ratings that we have already established through GuestGhosts.com

We also have separate services that provide “How we can GROW” your Business.
We offer a FREE CONSULTATION. www.travelmarketing.net

For local Business Consulting please visit www.WeGrowYourBusiness.net

Additionally we can provide an array of Recruitment Services. Our specialties are Management and Senior Management. Email us at www.pjasonkingassociates.com



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